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  • Exam Name: Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 5.15
  • Last Update: Mar 18, 2023
  • Questions and Answers: 107
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NCM-MCI-5.15 Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 5.15 Questions and Answers

Question # 6

An administrator is implementing a VDI solution. The workload will be a series of persistent desktops in a dedicated storage container within a four-node cluster. Storage optimizations should be set on the dedicated storage container to give optimal performance including during a node failure event.

Which storage optimizations should the administrator set to meet the requirements?


Compression, Deduplication, and Erasure Coding


Deduplication and Erasure Coding


Compression and Deduplication


Compression only

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Question # 7

A customer with a four-node RF2 cluster is adding application VMs to their system. After adding these VMs, the Prism dashboard shows 81% storage utilization.

What is the consequence of running the cluster at 81% storage utilization?


The customer has the ability to add more VMs up to the 100% storage utilization.


There is available capacity in the storage fabric and the cluster is resilient.


Node failure is imminent due to storage utilization.


The cluster is not resilient in the storage fabric

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Question # 8

An administrator needs to replace an aging SAN and move to a hyper-converged infrastructure. The existing environment consists of the following hosts that are connected to the SAN:

• 5xAIX hosts

• 3x Hyper-V hosts

• 9xESXi hosts

• 2x physical SQL Clusters (Windows Server 2012R2 hosts)

After deploying a Nutanix AHV cluster, which two actions should the administrator take to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)


Deploy Volumes to support the AIX and SQL workloads.


Migrate the ESXI workloads to AHV using Move.


Deploy Files to support the AIX hosts.


Migrate the ESXi and Hyper-V workloads using Move.

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Question # 9

Over the period of 2 to 3 weeks, a cluster displays the following:

•Periods where Warning Alerts of memory usage over 75% are asserted

•Periods where Critical Warnings of memory usage over 90% are asserted

•Periods of slow of frozen VDI desktops have caused work stoppage or slowdown

•VDI clones have periodically not powered up when called, causing work stoppage

Which steps should be used to prioritize the administrator’s troubleshooting efforts?


•Assess resource health on Hardware page

•Review the Analysis page for memory usage demand

•Determine the VDI workload-to-host affinity across the cluster


•Analyze Alert Pages for a root cause of memory problem

•Analyze VM table page to access the VM functionality

•Analyze the VDI Clone properties for possible VDI Workload stress


•Check Analysis page for CPU demand

•Verify VDI workload property for memory subscription

•Review the Hardware page to determine if the cluster has sufficient RAM


•Review Analysis Page for memory use pattern

•Alert with VDI workload demand

•Analyze current and future workload in the Capacity Runaway tab for sufficient resources

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Question # 10

An administrator needs to deploy an application with a large amount of data connected via Nutanix Volumes.

Which two actions should the administrator take when designing the Volume Group? (Choose two.)


Use multiple subnets for iSCSI traffic


Enable RSS (Receive Side Scaling)


Enable thick provisioning on the Volume Group(s)


Distribute workload across multiple virtual disks

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Question # 11

An administrator is planning to deploy a Nutanix cluster to support a few high-performance VMs. This deployment will have the following considerations:

• Individual VMs will likely generate network throughputs in the range of 90-100Mbps

• Due to the configuration of the VMs, it is unlikely that a node will host more than one or two of them at a time

• Individual VMs will communicate with only a few (one or two) remote hosts at a time

• Multicast will not be used in the environment

• The hosts are connected via two 1GbE network connections

How should the administrator configure the network bonds to meet this requirement while maintaining the simplest switch configuration?


Configure bond0 as balance-sib


Configure bond0 as active-backup


Configure bond0 as balance-tcp


Configure bond0 as balance-lacp

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Question # 12

Refer to the exhibit.

NCM-MCI-5.15 question answer

An administrator configures Active Directory authentication as shown in the exhibit. Upon finishing setup, users are not able to log in.

What configuration change should be made to fix this issue?


Change leaps to https


Change the Directory URL to use an IP rather than a name


Change the plct from 389 to 636

D Change the Domain to use an IP rather than a name

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Question # 13

A VDI environment based on AHV Cluster is not performing well. The current environment is using only one bridge (Bridge0). The administrator needs to verify if nodes are using all network cards associated to Bridge0.

Which two menus should be used to check the current configuration? (Choose two.)


Network Configuration item in Settings menu


Host view in Network menu


Host NICs tab in Hardware menu


I/O Metrics tab in VM menu

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Question # 14

An administrator is notified that a bare metal database server is down. This database server is being served storage using a Nutanix Volume Group. Upon investigating, the administrator finds that the disks in the database server that map to the vDisks in the volume group have gone offline.

What is causing this issue?


The Volume Group Load Balancer has been disabled.


Port 9443 is blocked in the server firewall.


Port 3260 has been blocked in the server firewall.


A CVM serving the Volume Group has gone offline.

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Question # 15

An administrator is migrating 5MB shares from a third-party platform to Nutanix Files with the following characteristics:

• Shares contain user profile directories

• DFS-N will be used

How should the administrator create target shares for this migration?


Create multiple general purpose shares and distribute migrated data as evenly as possible.


Create multiple distributed shares and distribute migrated data as evenly as possible.


Create standard shares with multiple top-level directories and distribute migrated data.


Create distributed shares with multiple top-level directories and distribute migrated data.

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Question # 16

A company needs to replicate their VMs to a remote site and must have an RPO of less than 1 hour.

When creating a protection domain, what should an administrator do to meet this requirement?


Enable Async Replication with an RPO of 60 minutes


Enable Near-Sync Replication with an RPO of 15 minutes


Enable Entity Sync on the designated VMs


Enable Availability Zones and send the VM to multiple targets

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